I love live music!
Here’s some concerts I’ve been to:

‘Rockarena’ in 1977 with Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Little River Band, Kevin Borich Express and Creation – take a bunch of good friends, plenty of picnic food and drink to last a few hours, and willing to make a day of it so that we got to the Sydney Showgrounds early and got our good spot sitting on the grass not too far back from the stage, and then sit and chat and eat and drink, and sit and chat and eat and drink, and wait … it was worth the wait. It exploded into some of the best live music ever! Were you there too?

Phil Collins and Genesis 1985 – I got some fantastic seats to his concert at the Wembley Stadium in London. But how can you contain yourself in a seat while Genesis beat out their hits? It didn’t take me long to run down to the oval where all the excitement was happening. When Phil started his magic and ‘made’ the stadium rise up above the ground, I was part of that magic.

Queen and Status Quo 1986 in London – what a double act! And I was there, along with about 200,000 others. Here’s a hint – it’s not always a good idea to stand too close to the band. I got a great spot standing not far from where Queen were singing on stage. But what could I hear? Only everyone around me singing the Queen songs. What a waste. I didn’t hear Queen at all. By the time Status Quo came on I wised up and moved to the back. Ahh … space and no wanna-be rock singers yelling in my ear.

Stay tuned for more insights from these concerts:

    • Elton John – Darwin
    • Billy Joel – Sydney
    • Boz Scaggs – Auckland
    • Bruce Springsteen – Sydney
    • Van Morrison – Sydney
    • George Michael – Sydney
    • James Taylor – Sydney
    • Montreux Rock Festival – Switzerland which included Simply Red, Terence Trent D’Arby and The Blow Monkeys.